Max Factory, the company that generally makes these Figma figures, usually have very high-quality in their figures. Lucina is no exception. The attention to detail is beyond ridiculous. Her sword strap feels like a real strap, as it's loose and able to be moved. Her paint job is crisp and clear. You won't see paint overlapping like a lot of other low-quality figures.

Lucina Figma Good Smile Company REVIEW

In August 2015, Nintendo introduced our time-travelling heroine star as another sword fighter for the popular party brawler, Super Smash Bros 4. At the time, I said to myself, “Gee, really? Another generic Fire Emblem sword character? Come on, Nintendo! You can do much better than that.” I had no idea who Lucina was, much less even played the game she came from (Fire Emblem: … Continue reading Lucina Figma Good Smile Company REVIEW