Wonder Egg Priority Anime Unveiling Trailer

Wonder Egg Priority Anime Unveiling Trailer

The official site and Twitter of CloverWorks’ unique TV anime “Wonder Egg Priority” started real time a special video for the anime on Wednesday. The video uncovers the anime’s cast, staff, music artists, and January 12 debut date, and furthermore reviews the story. The site likewise revealed another visual.

The anime’s story starts when the hero, a 14-year-old young lady named Ai Ohto, hears a puzzling voice while strolling in and out of town late around evening time. It gives her an egg, and allures to her: “On the off chance that you wish to change the future, you need just pick now. Presently, put stock in yourself, and crush the egg.”

The anime will debut on January 12 on NTV and Sapporo TV; on January 13 on BS NTV; on January 14 on Yamaguchi Broadcasting, Chukyo TV, Miyagi TV, and Fukuoka Broadcasting System; on January 16 on Nankai Broadcasting; on January 18 on Yomiuri TV and Nihonkai Telecasting; on January 20 on TV Kanazawa; and on January 22 on Aomori Broadcasting.

The new staff individuals incorporate taracod as idea craftsman, Yuta Yamazaki (Love Rice) as partner chief, Yusuke Kawakami as activity chief, Keisuke Kobayashi as center illustrator, Iori Hisatake as visitor character planner, DE MOUSE and Clammbon bassist Mito as music authors. The four primary voice entertainers are playing out the anime’s principle signature melody under the unit name “Anemoneria.”

The other new staff individuals include:

  • Prop Designer: Haruhi Inoue
  • Configuration Works: Ōtori, E o Kaku PETER
  • Shading Setting: Kazuko Nakashima
  • Craftsmanship Director: Yuki Funao
  • Head of Photography: Takeo Ogiwara
  • 3D CG: Boundary
  • Altering: Daisuke Hiraki
  • Sound Director: Akiko Fujita
  • Audio cues: Yuji Furuya

As recently declared, scriptwriter Shinji Nojima is credited for the first work, and is additionally composing the contents subsequent to writing such well known surprisingly realistic arrangement as KōKō Kyōshi (High School Teacher), Ie Naki Ko (Homeless Child), and Takane no Hana (Born To Be A Flower or Unattainable Flower). The task will be his first time composing for anime. Shin Wakabayashi (22/7: The Diary of Our Days, special video for Boku wa Robot Goshi no Kimi ni Koi wo Suru books) is coordinating the anime at CloverWorks. Saki Takahashi (liveliness chief on Her Blue Sky) is planning the characters, and furthermore filling in as the main movement chief. Hiroyuki Ueno (NTV) and Nobuhiro Nakayama (Aniplex) are the arranging makers.

NTV and docomo’s D.N. Dream Partners is working together unexpectedly with Aniplex to create this arrangement.

Wonder Egg Priority Anime Unveiling Trailer

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