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NIS America Ys IX: Monstrum Nox – Story Trailer for PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC

NIS America will deliver the game for PlayStation 4 in the United States on February 2 and in Europe on February 5. The game will at that point dispatch for the Nintendo Switch and PC through Steam in summer 2021.

NIS America portrays the game’s story:

Renowned adventurer Adol Christin is cursed by a mysterious woman and becomes a Monstrum, a powerful being who can exorcise monsters. To escape from the city of Balduq, he must ally with five other Monstrum, each with their own unique Gifts, and stop the Grimwald Nox, a shadowy dimension that threatens to seep into the real world.
The limited Pact Edition of the game will include a mini art booklet, two soundtrack CDs, reverse cover sheet, a hardcover art book, “The Lost Sword” Ys IX prequel short novel, The Crimson King figure, art card collection, key chain set, and a box.

The game was launched in Japan for PS4 in September 2019. The familiar action role-playing game mechanics of the series, such as free movement and jumping, and battle with giant bosses, will return to the game. Players will be able to use the “supernatural action” capabilities of various monsters to explore levels. Players can also conduct “guild management” in the prison city.

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