MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM Game From Fate/Grand Order Launches As Limited Release

The Fate/Grand Order smartphone game celebrated its 5th anniversary by releasing an all-new smartphone rhythm game in Japan—exclusive to the first 550,000 people to download it.

The Fate/Grand Order Waltz in the MOONLIGHT/LOSTROOM launched for iOS and Android devices on Monday. As in the parent Fate/Grand Order game, you play as the Master. But instead of resolving Singularities and fighting baddies across space and time, the game revolves around dancing with your partner Mash Kyrielight. Mash is fully voiced and rendered in 3D, and she wears various outfits throughout the game.

Lead artist and character designer Takashi Takeuchi drew the visuals, as shown below:

とーけん (@higashinoki0191) | Twitter

The writers of the parent game contributed the lyrics and themes of the songs featured in the rhythm game, and head writer Kinoko Nasu supervised the work. Takashi Takeuchi supervised the choreography.

The story’s synopsis is translated as follows:

“Come to the moonlight ball tonight.”

When you and Mash receive this message from an unknown sender, you head to a sealed simulation room.

That is the place that the Chaldea staff call the Lostroom, where it is said that one is able to see the things that you have lost, and the things that you may one day lose.

When the two of you arrive, bathed in the moonlight, the simulation comes to life.

The desolate space transforms into a ballroom. Time, which had once been asleep, begins to dance vibrantly.

The things that you have lost, the things that you may one day lose.

That which shines splendidly in there.

Please let it last, until this night ends.

In addition, the parent game launched an in-game campaign from August 11 to 25 based on Fate/Grand Order Waltz. The story quest utilizes the 3D models featured in the rhythm game.

Aniplex released the Fate/Grand Order smartphone game in Japan in summer 2015. The game received an English release in the United States and Canada in June 2017.

The game has inspired various anime adaptations. Fate/Grand Order Shinsei Entaku Ryōiki Camelot: Wandering: Agateram, the first film in a two-part project, will open on December 5. The game is also inspiring the upcoming Fate/Grand Order Final Singularity – Grand Temple of Time: Solomon (Fate/Grand Order -Kyūshoku Tokuiten Kani Jikan Shinden Solomon-) anime.

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