Masaya Hokazono Launches New Horror Manga: Kuro Ihon

Manga author Masaya Hokazono announced on his Twitter account on August 5 that he is launching a new manga series for his and writer Motosuke Takaminato’s Ihon horror manga series. The new manga is titled Yami Ihon (The Dark Tome), and will launch on the LINE Manga app on Thursday.

In addition, Hokazono and Nao Kurebayashi’s Naoko ~Pumpkin Night Gaiden~ manga will end its first part on Wednesday, and will launch the second part on the same day.

Hokazono and Takaminato published the Kuro Ihon (The Black Tome) series of manga short stories in 2013, followed by Aka Ihon (The Red Tome) in 2016, and Shiro Ihon (The White Tome) in 2017.

Hokazono and Kurebayashi launched the Naoko ~Pumpkin Night Gaiden~ manga on the LINE Manga app on June 2. The series is a spinoff prequel of Hokazono and Seima Taniguchi’s Pumpkin Night manga.


Hokazono serialized the Inugami manga in Kodansha’s Afternoon magazine from 1996 to 2002 with 14 volumes. Hokazono later drew a new version of the manga with modifications titled Inugami Kai for 10 volumes. Manga Planet is publishing Hokazono’s Inugami Kai and Doctor Mordrid manga in English.

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