New Anime Short For Shiro, The Giant, And The Castle Of Ice Released After Brief Delay

TriF Studio has announced that the first episode of Shiro, the Giant, and the Castle of Ice (Kyoshin to Hyōka no Shiro) will make its debut on NCC Nagasaki Cultural Broadcasting’s YouTube channel today!

Check out the cast!

The anime will also star Romi Park as Shiro Amakusa and YouTuber Shinigami in an unspecified role.

Originally, the first episode of Shiro, the Giant, and the Castle of Ice was meant to stream in May but was delayed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19). The remaining three episodes will debut between fall and the end of 2020.

The story is set in Nagasaki prefecture in Minami Shimabara city, the fabled origin of the Shimabara Rebellion that sent shockwaves through all of Japan in the early Edo period. It is also where a third-year junior high school student named Shirō spends his days with his school friends.

One summer day, Shirō’s older childhood friend Akane returns to Minami Shimabara from Tokyo. Shirō and Akane take a stroll around Minami Shimabara with another longtime friend, Tokiya. While these friends are dealing with nostalgia and more complex feelings, a mysterious creature named Goron suddenly appears before them. This encounter with a mere little creature causes great events to unfold once more in this city…

The anime would have premiered on television and on YouTube in May to promote the city of Minami Shimabara. People from the city worked on the voice cast, the chorus, and the background art. It is the first anime that Nagasaki Culture Telecasting has produced since its founding in 1990.

The theme song by LieN also debuted on YouTube.

Sae Okamoto (Mecha-Ude) is directing the anime at TriF Studio and designing the characters. The TriF creative team is also credited for the scripts. Nurikabe (Mecha-Ude) designs the Kyoshin (Giant Gods), and also handles the background art with Sugar. Shōta Kawamura is working on the CG and photography (compositing). The animators include Shōko Miyano, Sugar, Sally Yukie Nakamura, and Ryō Matsumoto.

Takeshi Takadera is directing the sound at Half HP Studio, and Cyber Connect 2’s Chikayo Fukuda composes the music. LieN is contributing the theme song.

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