Takafumi Nanatsuki’s “Cake Ōji no Specialité” Novels Will End Soon

Cake Ouji no Spécialité | Manga - MyAnimeList.net

Takafumi Nanatsuki’s 5th volume of the Cake Ōji no Specialité novels revealed last Friday that the series’ story will continue for “only a little longer.”

The novels’ story centers on a cake-loving girl named Miu and a handsome man named Hayato, who is keeping his training to be a pastry chef a secret from the world. The pair strike up a friendship when they meet at a bakery, and begin offering help to people with relationship and romantic woes by baking cake.

Shomin Sample's Takafumi Nanatsuki to End Cake Ōji no Specialité ...

Nanatsuki originally launched the novels on October of 2015, with illustrations by Ichigo Takano (Orange). Hoshimi SK actually drew a two-volume manga adaptation of the novels in Square Enix’s Gangan Comics Online website.

Amazon.co.jp: ケーキ王子の名推理 ライトノベル 1-3巻セット: 本

You might’ve heard of Nanatsuki previously through his other written works, such as his Ore ga Ojō-sama Gakkō ni “Shomin Sample” Toshite Rachirareta Ken light novel series. The series debuted in 2011 with Gekka……Urū’s illustrations, and ran for 11 volumes up until 2016. The novels actually inspired a 12-episode television anime series that premiered in October of 2015. Funimation then streamed the Shomin Sample television anime with an English dub. The company also released the series on both Blu-ray Disc and DVD in January of 2017.

Risumai also drew up a manga adaptation that launched in 2012, that ended in September 2018 with its 15th volume. Seven Seas will be releasing the manga in English.

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