After A 5 Year Hiatus, The Crimson Prince Manga Continues The Story Up To September Crimson Prince Vol. 1 eBook: Kuwahara, Souta, Kuwahara ...

The official Twitter account for Square Enix’s Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine recently announced that Sōta Kuwahara’s Crimson Prince (Kurenai Ōji) manga has will make its return after 5 years in the waiting. The manga began its first chapter on the Gangan Online app, where it continues to air today. The manga will end with its 17th and 18th volumes, which will include the manga’s last two chapters, in September.

Ever since 2015, Kuwahara placed the manga on hiatus after a sudden decline in their health, with the release of the 17th volume delayed indefinitely.

Yen Press is publishing the manga digitally, and it released the 16th volume on May of 2018. The company describes the manga:

Crimson Prince, Vol. 16 eBook by Souta Kuwahara - 9780316559980 ...

Demon prince Koujirou Sakura comes to Earth, enrolling in high school, on a mission to find the human who will threaten the future of the demon realm…and steal their souls! But with no clue as to this human’s identity, Koujirou is at a loss. To make matters worse, the boys’ dorm at his new school is full, and he’s forced to live off campus with a girl! Oh, the humanity…!

– Yen Press

Kuwahara launched the manga in Monthly Shonen Gangan in 2007, and the series inspired a drama CD. Afterwards, Square Enix published the 16th compiled book volume of the manga in August of 2014.

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