Inti Creates’s Dragon Marked For Death Will Receive A PS4 Version On July 22

Inti Creates has recently announced that their 2D side-scroller, Dragon Marked For Death (normally intended to release exclusively on the Nintendo Switch), will also release on the PS4. As of April 21st, a PC version has already been released. Check out the trailer below:

Staff members from Inti Creates’ Mega Man Zero have returned to develop for the game. It includes director Ryota Ito, character designer Toru Nakayama, chief character graphics designer Horikatsu Maeda, scenario writer and world planner Makoto Yabe, sound producer Ippō Yamada, main programmer Akihiro Shishido, lead programmer Shinichi Sema, and last, but not least, Takuya Aizu, as the producer.

The game supports up to four players through local or online multiplayer. Players pick one of four classes with different abilities: the Empress, the Warrior, the Shinobi, or the Witch. The game features single stages of sizes from 200 to 400 screens and over 30 main quests, as well as side quests.

The game debuted digitally during January of 2019. Physical copies of the game arrive to Japan on January 31st. Nighthawk Interactive’s physical edition of the Nintendo Switch game finally shipped in North America and Europe on March of 2019.

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