Otoko-Zaka Manga’s “Honjin Shitō-hen” Arc Expected To Launch During Fourth Of July

Masami Kurumada, the manga creator of his Otoko-Zaka manga announced on his official blog that on Tuesday, July 4th of 2020, he will launch the “Honjin Shitō-hen” arc on the Shonen Jump+ app and website. Kurumada also posted an image of printed proofs for the new arc, which we’ve provided below.

Otoko-Zaka Manga's 'Honjin Shitō-hen' Arc Launches on July 4 ...

Kurumada ended the “Takeshima Honjin-hen” arc on March 29 and announced the new arc on the same day. Kurumada then launched the “Takeshima Honjin-hen” arc on Shonen Jump+ on February 9 after announcing during January 2019.

Otoko-Zaka’s initial eight-chapter revival began on Shū Play News (the official website of Shueisha’s Weekly Playboy magazine) during June of 2014 after three decades of hiatus.

The manga moved to Shonen Jump+ back in 2017 with the “Keikai Otome” arc. The next arc, “Tenkataihei-hen” (Peace and Tranquility Arc), then launched in August 2018 and ran for seven chapters. The arc was compiled in the manga’s eighth compiled book volume in November 2018, and the ninth volume will ship on July 3.

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