Princess Connect! Re:Dive’s Episode 12 Review

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Strap in. Things are about to get hectic.

In which Karyl learns to confront her belief system and add more mysteries to solve.

Karyl’s viewpoints are pretty cynical: survival for the fittest. She’s convinced herself that it’s the one true answer, that might makes right–and those who are kind or nice just get taken advantage of. This, mindset, obviously offers multiple moral dilemmas, none of which matter to Karyl because of her views. But over time, Karyl has met lots of good people within her guild.

And then there’s Pecorine.

Percorine sees it as her responsibility to protect the weak–which means Karyl in this episode’s battle. So when the giant monster attacks Karyl, Pecorine puts herself in harm’s way, taking the hits meant for her friend. She even takes off a piece of the armor protecting her and hands it to Karyl.

This shakes up Karyl’s world. She isn’t one of the strong: Pecorine is. But, Pecorine uses her powers for others. Why would she do that? And it’s not like its just a blatant accident or mishap, Pecorine is clearly willing to die for Karyl. With this, how could Karyl not see herself as inadequate? We can only hope that in the next episode, it inspires her to be better (character development!).

As for the rest of the episode, some of the content is edging towards some pretty common problems. That being: this is the series’ penultimate episode, yet it throws a lot at the viewer. Obviously, we’re not talking about the beginning of the episode filling with hi-jinks and such, what I mean is the major questions this episode adds to the pile.

What this means is that the final episode will have to address all of these plot threads:

• Why can Yuuki write in Japanese (while everyone else writes in a fictional alphabet)?

• If Pecorine is the princess–which she obviously is–who’s the princess other people mention seeing?

• Why did Yuuki’s princess-boosting power fail?

• What the heck is up with Yuuki’s amnesia?

• Why won’t Yuuki’s old friends talk with him/fill him in?

• What even is Yuuki’s power?

• Why is god being so damned cryptic?

• Who is Karyl’s master/what is her actual plan?

• Will Karyl give up on her master and seek redemption?

• Will Pecorine take back her throne?

• Will Yuki get his memories back?

Will Kokkoro ever becoming an actually cool and nice girl?

It’s pretty likely all of these mysteries will either be somewhat addressed or left to hand; and you can probably see why!

See, when it comes down to it, this anime exists to advertise their game. While I don’t doubt that the series will get a concrete ending as far as the current threat goes, if you feel you need to play the game to have your lingering questions answered, then it’s a win as far as the creators are concerned.

Oh, and the current players? They definitely know what’s up. I guess we’ll just have to wait and see, huh?


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