Pokemon Presents Set for June 17, 2020

Despite the apparent lack of Nintendo Directs because of the unfortunate circumstances, Pokemon Presents comes in like a breath of fresh air. The official Pokemon Twitter account has announced its Pokemon Presents video! About 1 hour from now (at least in the Eastern Time Zone, sorry Western viewers), there will be a brief video aired at 6am PT/9am ET/1pm UTC/3pm CET. Here’s the tweet in case you missed it:

The presentation’s description wasn’t too detailed. It just mentions that there will be Pokemon news. Keep in mind, the video is launching on the same day as the Pokemon Sword and Shield first expansion, The Isle of Armor. We’re already well-aware of the Detective Pikachu Switch game is currently in development and that Pokemon Sleep is on the way.

Wait with us! We’ll provide the video below before it premieres.

Stay awhile and listen.

Pokemon Sword and Shield are both available for the Nintendo Switch, with the first The Isle of Armor expansion planned to launch on June 17 of 2020. There have also been a lot of animation-related announcements lately, like a first Poketoon cartoon and the ongoing Twilight Wingsweb series.

Take a listen while you wait!

Courtesy of https://soundcloud.com/ricora/bofu2016bgmbms (Ricora). Thank you!
Most notably known as the furret walk song by the Pokemon community.

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