Gamespot Reveals New Volta-X Gameplay Trailer

Last year during 2019, GungHo Online gave us a brief glimpse at Volta-X, a game featuring cartoony animals, PVP, base management, and giant robots all in one game! After leaving us in the dark for awhile, GameSpot finally released the exclusive Volta-X gameplay trailer this week! You can check out GungHo Online’s official tweet regarding the game’s development below:

Here’s a list of the characters that appeared in the trailer, along with their respective images:

  • Ian
  • Sheldon
  • Mr Hornsby
  • Benny

Volta-X seems to be an amalgamation of various game mechanics and aspects, each contributing a separate role into a Voltron-like title. Despite what most viewers might expect, the gameplay relies more on the right arena than the right robot. The player gets to control a squad of pilots working to direct and maintain their Volta (giant robot) in a fight.

Away from combat, you can also mess around with building a base and maintaining your animal team (as well as upgrading your Volta). There’s PVP and story mode too, so it meshes well with both competitive and narrative-ridden players.

Volta-X will come to the Nintendo Switch during Summer of 2020. If you want frequent updates on the game, check out the game’s official website.

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