IGN Summer Of Gaming Reveals Scarlet Nexus Gameplay Trailer

Yup. IGN’s Summer of Gaming stream continues its gaming showcase with the new Scarlet Nexus gameplay trailer! It gives us an inside look at the cross-gen action title published from Bandai Namco along with some co-development by the creators of the Tales of series.

The animation and stylistic choices are one of the most prominent points-of-interest for the game. It utilizes careful use of slower framing for a more cartoony/less uncanny valley vibe that most CG products can give off (like the sensation you get when you see CG animation that’s too smooth to be possible).

Don’t believe us? The trailer’s below for your viewing as always.

Storywise, the basics are that Scarlet Nexus is about a soldier who fights monsters with psycho-kinetic powers. The phrase “Brain Punk” (from the trailer description) alludes to the viewer that it is the name of Scarlet Nexus‘s blend of technology and psychic powers. Speaking of brains, it’s the Others’ form of sustenance. It supposedly provides some sort of pain relief the creatures suffer from being in a constant state of mutation. The protagonist, Yuito Sumeragi, uses his psycho-kinesis to fight these “others” with the environment in addition to his own weaponry.

Scarlet Nexus is expected to arrive to the following platforms: PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and the PC.

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