New Pragmata Trailer Gives Us A Brief Look At The City Players Will Be Exploring

The PS5’s game reveal event featured many new trailer for games under development or soon-to-be-released. Although many of which are exciting, Capcom’s new title Pragmata blows the stage away with its graphics and mysterious storyline. When it was first revealed, there wasn’t much to go off of. Sure, we know that it’d support ray-tracing technology and join some more platforms, but that was about it.

And that’s when the publisher shared a more in-depth look at game footage.

Much of the additional footage starts at the beginning of the extended trailer. We’re given a better look at the general architecture and details missed in the original. The rest of the additional footage shows us a segment in which the agent is dealing with the rogue satellite and sending it into orbit.

Even if it’s a bit more footage, the game’s still shrouded in mystery. Of course, there isn’t much to go off of because the game’s still in development, so we’ll cut it some slack. Either way, we look forward to it’s arrival in the future.

Pragmata will come to the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC sometime in 2022. This might be the last we see of it for a while. Capcom made an official statement that they’d stay quiet on the game until 2021, so there might not be another new Pragmata trailer until next year.

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