Players Can Explore The PS5 In The New Astro’s Playroom

One of the PlayStation VR’s biggest selling points was its adorable mascot, Astro. The tiny little robot buddy is back again to introduce the soon-to-be-released-PS5! Don’t worry, he comes with the PS5 to let players get used to the new DualSense controllers. In Astro’s Playroom, you get to explore the inner workings of the PS5 with Astro to guide you along your way. Check out the trailer below!

Astro’s Playroom will serve as a medium for the player to get used to DualSense. As stated earlier, the software will already be pre-loaded onto the platform, no extra purchases necessary. There’s four worlds that the player can freely roam around, each focusing on certain aspects of gameplay.

Unfortunately, there isn’t really any specific details on release dates and such, but at least the trailer gives us a bit of what to expect.

Astro was last seen in Astro Bot Rescue Mission, a title released on the Playstation VR that was extremely well-received. Despite the platform’s fade into obscurity, it did offer Astro an inkling of a chance of becoming the hardware mascot.

Astro Bot: Rescue Mission (PS4) Review | DailyWeeb

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