Neptune Makes Her Debut In The Neptunia Virtual Stars Trailer!

The new trailer showcasing Neptune from Neptunia Virtual Stars.

Compile Heart introduces Neptune in the new spin-off of the Neptunia Virtual Stars series as a virtual Youtuber! Take a look at the trailer to see her new appearance.

In the trailer, it features the four Goddesses in a third-person shooter-style gameplay along with melee combat-focused virtual idols. There’s also a Video Battler system, which actually turnYoutube videos into usable items and equipment in-game! Along with the new system, the trailer also shares a cursory glance at the Guest Connect system, in which virtual Youtubers will assist the playable characters during combat in real time (by attacking and buffing). You’ll can also assist the virtual Youtubers with sub-quests that will also reward you with special cards for your Virtual Collection that can be used for slight stat boosts.

Haven’t heard of it at all? Here’s a brief summary.

Neptunia Virtual Stars for PS4 Gets New Trailer Showing Gameplay ...

Neptunia Virtual Stars takes place on the planet EMO, which is currently being invaded by the ‘Anti’ forces. EMO’s resident goddess summons Neptune and enlists the help of the other goddesses, along with several virtual idols to help defend the planet, and rescue virtual Youtubers who have also been captured by the Anti forces.

Neptunia Virtual Stars will release for the PS4 on August 6th of 2020. You can expect the game to be released worldwide in 2021.

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