Physical Switch Copies of Brave Dungeon and Dark Witch Story: COMBAT Available As A Bundle

The developers of the Legend of Dark Witch series, Inside System, has announced that Brave Dungeon (a spin-off of the original series) and Dark Witch Story: COMBAT will be bundled together. You can expect the Brave Dungeon Chronicle Pack containing physical copies of both games to arrive during July of 2020.

Originally, these were available digital only. Now you can have access to physical copies of both games!

The physical versions will be released as a Special Edition bundle that comes with an early preview demo for Brave Dungeon: The Meaning of Justice, which is the sequel still in development. There are other things to look forward to in case you’re interested, such as a sleeve for the game box, a cassette tape-esque sticker, and a soundtrack CD for The Meaning of Justice. Check it out on the official website!

Inside System’s NAN-A confirmed that the demo for the sequel will include English, but the quality may be lacking. The translation is only provisional, as the game is still under development. All voicework is in Japanese. That said, the demo itself is fully playable in English.

The Brave Dungeon Chronicle Pack will release in Japan between early to mid-July of 2020. The game is already available on Nintendo Switch and Nintendo 3DS digitally. Dark Witch Story: COMBAT is available on Nintendo Switch.

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