Finale Delayed For VVVtunia and Mary Skelter, Moved To August and October

Compile Heart’s upcoming games, VVVtunia and Mary Skelter Finalewill be delayed to later this year. According to them, the reason why the games are being delayed are because of “events” that came up that affected the development schedule. VVVtunia was supposed to release on July 2 of 2020, but now the game is being pushed back to August 6th later this year. Mary Skelter Finale was supposed to release on August 27, 2020, but is now pushed back to October 8th of 2020.

VVVtunia New Screenshots & Discussion | Chill Chat With ...
VVVtunia screenshot.

VVVtunia is, to put it simply, a spin-off of the Neptunia series. Four goddesses are summoned to a digital world with several virtual idols and many virtual YouTubers, are are then tasked with protecting the planet EMO against the invading OWANDAL forces. VVVtunia is an action game focuses on the goddesses wielding long-range shooting mechanics, while the new virtual idol characters focus on melee attacks. The player will have to learn which is better for each situation.

Mary Skelter Finale is advertised to be the last game in the dungeon-crawling RPG series, with characters based on various fairy tales. The story begins shortly after the events of Mary Skelter 2, where the group is split up after an attack from the mysterious Genocide Pink. They’re a group of girls who are based on execution methods. There will be about six protagonists, and they consist of both new and returning characters.

VVVtunia will release for the PS4 on August 6, 2020. Mary Skelter Finale will release on October 8th of 2020 on both the Nintendo Switch and PS4.

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