Dead Cells On Android: What To Expect And What It Will Mean

Dead Cells made it’s arrival to iOS mobile devices about a year ago. After the long wait, Android users can now look forward to the same roguelike on their screen via Google Play. That’s right. Dead Cells has finally arrived to all mobile devices.

To welcome its new release, a mobile sale has kicked off for the game. On Google Play, it will yield a price of only $8.99/€8.99 rather than what it would usually sell: $9.99/€9.99 (same goes for the App Store on Apple devices)

You can expect all of the same features on the Android port as the real Dead Cells. There is Bluetooth controller support, but if you don’t have one than touchscreen controls will suffice.

Your goal is to traverse through a precarious dungeon, obtaining cells to buy upgrades to help The Prisoner attempt to get out of the maze and finally reach the castle. It has received frequent updates, even today.

Gameplay on Android.

Dead Cells has been around since its initial release back in 2018 for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PCs. In 2019, it was released on iOS devices before finally launching on Android devices.

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