New Event in Pokemon Masters Invite Dawn And Turtwig

“The Star of the Contest” story event is finally live in Pokemon Masters! You can now obtain Dawn and Turtwig during the event through the Sync Pair Scout banner by June 11 of 2020. There’s also log-in rewards too, in case you run out of resources.

You aren’t just stuck with a Turtwig either. Dawn can evolve Turtwig with the right resources, which is pretty easy to obtain by just playing. Since they’re a Support Sync Pair, they can raise the defense of your team. They can also use Good as New! to heal an ally to full HP and removing negative status effects. Check it out!

The new Story Event will work the same way as prior events. You can participate in event battles and collect Prize Coins. With them, they can be used to open a Prize Box, which gives a players a random reward. Once you obtained the grand prize from the Prize Box you’ll move on to the next set of rewards. Reward boost tickets can be used to obtain more Prize Coins. In addition to this, you can obtain gems, Co-op Sync Orbs, and Reward Boost Tickets by just logging in during the event

Pokemon Masters is available for Android and iOS devices. The Pokemon Masters Dawn and Turtwig Sync Pair can be scouted in-game up to June 11 of 2020.

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