The Final Fantasy VII Remake OST Is Now Available On The Go

Take a breather during quarantine by listening to the Final Fantasy VII Remake soundtrack, which Square Enix has finally released physical copies of. You can expect its release on May 27 of 2020. If you’re not really up for physical versions, you can buy the album digitally on most musical platforms. For the specifics:

  • Amazon Music
  • Google Play
  • iTunes
  • Apple Music (available to stream with a subscription)

Spotify might make an appearance after some time has passed. Usually, it takes a while for it to catch up to newly release albums from games.

You can expect about 8 and a half hours of the Final Fantasy VII Remake OST. If you plan on buying a physical copy, those hours will be split amongst seven disks. You can nab the Special Edit version for about $77.77. It’s available for preorder too, along with a bonus disk containing other tracks. Digitally, Amazon and Apple offer it for about $35. Google Play offers a near half-price difference, amounting to $18.99.

The Final Fantasy VII Remake is currently available for the PS4.

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