The Nintendo Switch Will Soon Receive Catherine: Full Body As A Demo

On the Atlus Japanese website, it was confirmed that Catherine: Full Body would make its way to the switch as a demo. Currently, they stated that it was still to be developed and ported. No release date has been given on when it will come.

The Catherine Switch demo will probably be pretty similar to the already available PS4 Catherine: Full Body demo. In the PS4 version, it allowed people to go through the beginnings and introductions in the game. You could meet Vincent, Catherine, Katherine, and Rin, and choose a voice actress for Catherine! You could climb a tower, experience a brief time-skip and notice a suspicious interaction between Vincent and Rin.

In addition to the announcement, the Japanese site offered some other details about compatibility as well as features. It’s compatible with both the Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Lite, being a 11.4GB download. You’ll need a Nintendo Switch Online subscription for online multiplayer, though local multiplayer will be available as well. You can play with Joy-Cons if you want, too. While the PS4 and Vita versions offered cross-play and cross-save compatibility, that won’t be possible on the Nintendo Switch.

The Catherine: Full Body Nintendo Switch port will arrive in Japan on July 2 of 2020 and in North America and Europe on July 7 of 2020. People can find it on the PlayStation 4 worldwide, though the PlayStation Vita version never left Japan. Catherine: Full Body is developed by Atlus, who most notably created the Persona series.

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