Tales Of Crestoria Releases The Final Character Trailer Featuring Orwin

On the Tales of Crestoria official twitter, the final trailer went up, and the character is not what he seems. At first, Orwin is settled and carefree and lets his wife take care of their daughter (Aura) and family. Things take a turn once Orwin grabs hold of the Blood Sin Love-Bloodied Fists, and we get to see where things go from there.

The trailer highlights the heel-face turn that Orwin has to make in order to rise above. In the beginning, we see his normally laid-back chill vibe. But as things progress and he realizes that he’s gonna be an eliminated Transgressor, he begins to regret his decisions and embrace his fate. Before he resigns himself to the inevitable, he pushes against it, building himself to be better than the person he once was.

Here’s the official tweet in case you’re interested:

Orwin is voiced by Hiroki Yasumoto, who most notably voiced Guile of the Street Fighter series. You might’ve heard of his more recent roles, like Zangetsu from Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night as well as Carlos Oliveira from Resident Evil 3. He also voiced Chad from Bleach.

Check out the trailer for yourself!

Take a look at the various screenshots that came with the trailer:

Want a closer look at some other characters while you’re here? Take a look at Vicious and Misella!

Tales of Crestoria will release on iOS and Android devices around June of 2020.

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