You Can Now Look Forward To The Grandia OST In CDs, Records, And Music Boxes

Wayô Records has finally announced a new release of physical copies of the soundtrack as well as a music box that plays the Grandia’s main theme in Summer of 2020. Preorders are open, so if you want to nab it and have it shipped once it releases that’s fine too!

The CDs cost €30 (about $32). They’ll also come out with a five-disc collection with about 80 songs in Summer of 2020, which includes the four soundtrack CDs, the out-of-print Vent arrange album, and a 20 page booklet with art and commentary. The first 25 preorders will also receive Toshiaki Hontani’s (one of the character designers) new illustration on a mini-Shikishi!

Not really for you? If you’re interested in the Grandia Memorial Soundtrack, you can nab it on vinyl instead. The €60 (About $65) version will be on the green records. The €67.20 (About $73) Collector’s Edition will be printed on marble green records and be limited to 500 units. In both cases, the first two records will have 22 songs from the original soundtrack and the third album will have about nine songs from the out-of-print Vent arrange album. They’ll also include the same booklet as the CD soundtrack.

Take a listen to some of the songs you’ll be getting!

Composed by Noriyuki Iwadare

Want something to trigger your childlike-wonder instead? The Grandia music box awaits! There will only be 250 copies released, after which it will disappear. Each will be made with delicate maple and sapele wood adorned with spirits on the top. Once wound up, it will begin to play the game’s theme. The music box (which costs €252, or about $275), will also receive a score with the autograph of the composer, Noriyuki Iwadare, on it.

Tune in! You won’t regret it.

The Wayô Records Grandia CD set, records, and music box will be released later this Summer of 2020.

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