SINoALICE Is Now Available For Preorder On iOS Devices

SINoALICE has finally arrived to iOS devices for pre-purchase! At first, it was available globally on Android devices. Now, you can whip out your iPad or iPhone and download it before it releases.

This marks the second time SINoALICE pre-registration has opened everywhere. Previously, it opened up on Google Play for Android users. It was well received there too, as SINoALICE iOS pre-registration announcement also noted 1.5 million people had signed up for the Android version. People on all platforms will end up getting five Upgrade Shields, five Upgrade Swords, and five Upgrade Tablets. 

In case you missed the news on it or haven’t heard about it at all, here’s a trailer showing what PokeLabo and Square Enix have made:

SINoALICE will arrive to Android and iOS devices outside Japan at the beginning of July, 2020. Pre-registration is now open on all devices. It’s been available in Japan since June 2017. As for the worldwide version, there are multiple language options in case you live in a region without English.

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