Nintendo Switch Gains New Team Game: Urban Flow

Play with friends as you guide traffic and try towield order.

Looking for a game that’ll induce road-rage even in the comfort of your own home? Look no further then Urban Flow, a game that looks similar to Overcooked both in style and wackiness. Urban Flow will arrive to the Nintendo Switch on June 26 of 2020. Buckle your seat-belts, and get ready for a ride!

There are multiple ways to play Urban Flow. The primary way is through the campaign, which has about 100 city levels for you to manage traffic with a simple tap. Too much busy-work? No worries! There is a lower-pressure Chill mode, for people looking for leisure. At least, as much leisure as you can get from managing a busy city. There’s also an Endless mode that lets you see how long you can keep things running for those Hardcore players. There’s something in this game for everyone.

There’s also a local multiplayer mode, just in case you want to mess around and play with family. In the Party Game, up to four people can all work together to manage the cars headed their way.

Avoid Traffic Disasters In Urban Flow On Nintendo Switch ...

Urban Flow will makes its debut on the Switch on June 26 of 2020. Watch out for it!

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