Sega Game Gear’s First RPG: Eternal Legend Receives Fan Translation

Eternal Legend, the first RPG released by the Sega Game Gear finally gotten an English translation made by fans! Specifically, TheMajinZenki and Supper, both well-known translators for games that don’t usually get enough attention for a proper English rendition. You might’ve heard of their work on the Madou Monogatari series or Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon. Check out the screenshots!

Eternal Legends is a game developed by Japan Art Media. The game follows a treasure hunter named Arwyn as he traverses the world in a journey to find the lost city of Millennium. Along the way, he is joined by Ryall and Blue Moon as they dig up the mysteries lost in the forgotten paradise. It draws influences on regular JRPGs and derives its continents from the real world.

TheMajinZenki and Supper have also made a walkthrough since the game can be cryptic when it comes to where to go next (similarly to games like Chrono Trigger). There are also some in-game cheats for ease-of-play, like being able to walk faster in the overworld.

You can find the fan translation patch here. You can also find Eternal Legend was on the original Sega Game Gear.

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