Second Ninjala Beta Test Will Come At The End Of This May

After the first Ninjala beta went sour dues to connectivity issues, Gungho Online announced another beta in hopes of more feedback. Players of the original beta could make out some similarities and differences to Splatoon. Since the release date was bumped to June 25 of 2020, a second Ninjala beta test will be held near the end of May 2020.

Here are the official times of each country for the Ninjala second beta test. Note that these are in 24-hour military time. Keep in mind, the release date might vary from May 30th or May 31st depending on where you live. In keeping with the original beta, only the Drill Beat, Ippon Katana, SK8 Hammer, and Trick Ball weapons will be available and 8-player Battle Royale multiplayer mode will be active.

  • Japan
    • May 30, 12:00-13:59 JST
    • May 31, 12:00-21:59 JST
  • North and Central America
    • May 31, 12:00-21:59 PDT
  • Europe
    • May 31, 11:00-20:59 BST
    • May 31, 12:00-21:59 CEST
  • Asia and Oceania
    • May 31, 14:00-23:59 AEST
    • May 31, 12:00-21:59 HKT

Despite being a free-to-play game, it does have some micro-transactions in case players want to unlock other content, such as costumes, emotes, stickers, etc. in the form of Jala (the in-game currency). There’s also a developer diary below in case you want more information.

In it, they talk about other ways you can spend Jala.

Ninjala will arive to the Nintendo Switch on June 25 of 2020. It will be free-to-play and won’t require a Nintendo Switch Online subscription.

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