Tales of Crestoria Features New Insights On Vicious In The Long-Awaited Trailer

You’ve probably already heard about the previous character trailer that dropped earlier. Tales of Crestoria has been keeping us on our toes with each new bit of information. This time, the limelight shines on Vicious, The Great Transgressor. A shady character indeed, it’s hard to tell what his true motivations are. It’s up to the viewers on whether his true intentions lie with the heroes or with his ulterior motives.

The trailers offer great perspectives on characters before the game is released. It allows possible players to see how they look as well as how it pertains to the story. Vicious’s trailer is important because it helps people relate to the three free SR characters obtained from the campaign. Yuma Uchida (voice of the Crystal Exarch from Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers) is the voice actor for Vicious.

Vicious shows off his moves in the accompanying art.

Watch the trailer below yourselves by the tweet from the official twitter account!

Check out the additional character designs behind him!

3D Models:

This is the third character trailer to be released. Tales of Crestoria is expected to join Android and iOS devices in early June of 2020. Despite this, Bandai Nameco has expressed concern that the pandemic could slow down production, so stay on the lookout for updates.

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