You Can Now Catch Nexomon: Extinction On The Nintendo Switch, PS4, and Xbox One!

Vewo Interactive’s Nexomon takes a leap toward popular consoles’ Switch, PS4, and Xbox One! The long awaited Nexomon sequel will soon release in the Summer of 2020. The game will also release on various systems alongside the PC. This trailer features the sequel’s gameplay.

Evolve your Nexomon and battle others on your quest to prevent imminent extinction.

As you might expect, Nexomon draws various parallels to the original Pokemon series. Play as an ambitious young trainer as you explore the world and become the best there ever was. Unfortunately, a looming threat begins to unfold. If everything goes according to its plan, over three hundred unique characters will be wiped off the face of the planet. It’s up to the player to grow, nurture, and raise their Nexomon to deal with the problems around the world.

Want more monster taming action? Look forward to TemTem, a 3D MMO style game coming Spring 2021 to consoles around the globe.

Nexomon was once a mobile game making an appearance in IOS devices during 2017. 2019 marked its eventual port to PCs. The port to consoles Switch, PS4, and Xbox One marks the ever-expanding brand to new horizons.

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