Watch Darwin's Game Episode 5 Funimation Review

Darwin’s Game Episode 5 Review

Kaname, Rein, and Hiiragi convince Ryūji (Skeleton Sniper) to work together by agreeing to fight Wang and the 8th Clan. They know that their enemy is planning on attacking the hotel that night and get their hands on the rings inside. Up until now, Kaname and his friends believed that by possessing three rings per person, they’d be safe when the game’s timer is up. However, after searching through the ToS, it’s revealed that there may be other things necessary to clear the game. Apparently, the points assigned to the different rings aren’t necessarily by gemstone value. Each one hides a QR code that reveals a number.

Watch Darwin's Game Episode 5 Funimation Review

Kaname gets a text from Shuka that she needs help. After fighting a boy with water and ice abilities, she finds herself reaching her death. Kaname and Ryūji decide to meet her when they suddenly run into a timid girl who is believed to be Shuka’s attacker’s sister.

The mysterious girl has no intentions to fight but clearly knows more than she lets on. Ryūji is able to determine this because his Sigil ability allows him to detect when a person is lying. Kaname then dives shirtless into the icy waters to try and save Shuka.

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