Nintendo’s Fire Emblem Heroes To Release Subscription Service Cost Of $9.49 per Month

Another new Feh Channel video has been announced, meaning that we’re going to see new changes for the popular mobile game Fire Emblem Heroes. It’s interesting to note that the special update video isn’t being hosted by the traditional messenger owl Feh, but by her boss, Fehnix (JP CV: Takehito Koyasu, EN CV: Patrick Seitz) The video is 24 minutes long and includes significant changes to the game, along with news:

  • Legends 4 Voting Competition
  • Four-Star Special Heroes
  • New on Divine Codes
  • Information Regarding Monthly Subscription called the Feh Pass

Results of Choose Your Legends Round 4

Are you surprised?

The results for Choose Your Legends 4 has been revealed by Nintendo. Like previous polls, players have the option to vote on which new heroes they’d like to see in future banners. Edelgard and Lysithea won the women’s votes, while Dimitri and Claude won the men’s votes. There should be a special version of these heroes released in a banner sometime later this year. If we look past at previous polls, they should come out sometime during this summer.

Feh Pass

FEH Pass Benefits 9.95 Per Month

Benefits for the new monthly service Feh Pass has been revealed. Players who subscribe to this service ($9.94) receive five quality-of-life bonuses to enhance their game. Below are the 5 benefits and we will go over each in detail:

  • Resplendent Heroes
  • New Quests Excluseively For Feh Pass
  • Expanded Summoner Support
  • Auto-Start
  • Re-Act

Resplendent Heroes

Resplendent Heroes are special versions of existing units that ave +2 to all stats, new art, new sprites, and new voices featuring them in different garb of the Askr, Nifl, and other Fire Emblem Heroes kingdoms. With the pass, any versions of the original Lyn will turn into a Resplendent version. You can also freely switch between art without losing the stats.

A free copy of the 5-Star Hero will be given out to Feh Pass subscribers along with the Resplendent Hero skin.

There will be a distribution period that begins on the 10th and 25th of each month for Resplendent Heroes, though they can also be purchased individually later on. The first heroes to receive a Resplendent version are Lyn: Lady of the Plains and Cordelia: Knight Paragon. Below are the art for the two heroes.

Lyn: Lady of the Plains

Cordelia: Knight Paragon

Special Feh Pass Quests

Subscribers will receive bonus quests that gives additional opportunities for extra currency such as Orbs, Grails, Divine Dew, and Divine Codes.

You will now be able to have up to three Summoner Supports at once with Feh Pass. Summoner Supports provide +2 to that Hero’s main stats and +5 HP.

Just like Divine Pulse and Mila’s Turnwheel from the recent Fire Emblem games, Re-Act allows players to redo actions by going to previous turns. It also allows players to go back before a Game Over if they should fail the map. Re-Act, however, will not be allowed during Coliseum modes and Aether Raids. This feature will be available mainly for PvE content such as Grand Hero Battles.

The last feature, Auto-Start, allows players to repeat maps until their stamina runs out. To use this mode, you must designate the number of times you want to repeat the map.

Feh Pass will cost $9.49 per month and will be available after the Ver. 4.2 update coming out on February 5, 2020.

Fire Emblem Heroes: 3rd Anniversary Celebration

The game’s third anniversary is in February. There will be a series of special events to help commemorate the month with Orbs and free Hero Summons revolving around the theme of “3”.

Three Heroes Fests containing the Choose Your Legends from previous years will be coming soon, each with five free summon tickets each.

Bound Hero Battles return with Daily Quests. Those who complete these maps will receive orbs as well.

13 Reward Maps will become available in Normal and Hard difficulties. Over the course of 13 days, you’ll be able to receive a total of 26 orbs.

A guaranteed 5-Star Summon for a seasonal Special Hero will be given. Special Heroes that have appeared between 2019 and early 2020 will be available to summon for free.

A Hero Rises event is returning. This time, players will get to choose eight Heroes to join the Voting Gauntlet. This is a voting contest that will last until 6:59 PM on February 8, 2020. People can visit the official website and vote for Heroes they would like to receive for free.

After, the Voting Gauntlet will take place starting at the end of February 2020. People will pick the unit they most want and fight in battles to help them climb up a bracket. The winning character will then be gifted to players on March 10, 2020.

New Special Heroes: Lovely Gifts

A seasonal banner featuring Heroes from Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia is coming. Special Heroes included will feature Duo Alm and Celica, Faye, Conrad, and Rudolf. A free Silque can be obtained through Tempest Trials+ rewards.

Lovely Gifts banner will pop up on February 6.

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