Mario Kart Tour - Valentine Tour - Baby Peach Cherub - New Driver - Shy Guy

Nintendo Introduces Baby Peach (Cherub) For Mario Kart Tour – Valentine’s Tour!

It looks like another adorable member will be joining the outrageous cast of Mario Kart Tour. Baby Peach (Cherub) is a Peach alt that will be arriving alongside Mario Kart Tour’s Valentine Tour. It appears that our baby driver will be dressed up as Cupid, complete with wings, a bow, and heart-shaped arrows.

The special Drivers who will appear in the Pipes gacha have also been revealed. Baby Peach (Cherub) will be joined by Pink Shy guy as new drivers for the roster, along with previously released drivers, Pastry Chef Shy Guy and Vacation Peach.

The return of these two drivers is appropriate since Paris Promenade will also be returning (the same track that both of these characters have debuted in during Mario Kart Tour Paris Tour, November 2019). Players will also see tracks: Choco Island 2, Koopa Troopa Beach, and Toad Circuit during the tour.

So far, there are seven variations of Peach in Mario Kart Tour. We have the original Peach, Baby Peach, Kimono Peach, Pink Gold Peach, Vacation Peach, Wintertime Peach, and now Baby Peach (Cherub).

Mario Kart Tour is currently available on mobile devices for Apple iOS (App Store) and Android (Google Play).

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